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Fire Alarm Control Panel




The FireWatcherFW106S/FW106SC is an intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel designed for small to medium-scale facilities. The FireWatcherFW106S/FW106SC is ideally suited for both new and retrofit commercial, institutional, and industrial fire detection and notification applications. The only difference between FW106S and FW106SC is the language. FW106S is in English and FW106SC is in French.

Specifications and Features


Digital signal processor based design, fully configurable from front panel with password protection


l   Operating temperature : 32 - 120°F (0 - 49°C)

l   Relative humidity : Up to 93% @ 90°F (32°C)

l   To be installed in normal dry indoorenvironment only

Primary Supply

l   110 - 120 VAC 60Hz (3.86A), or

l   220 - 240 VAC 50Hz (1.96A)

SecondaryPower Supply

l   Two 12V in series lead-acid batteries set

l   Charging capacity: 40AH

Power Outputs

Internal power supply for

l  AMI

l  ALUs and Addressable Loop Circuits

l  NOUs and Notification Appliance Circuits

l  XNUs, External Network Circuits

l  ROUs

One auxiliary power supply

l  Non-Resettable/Resettable Power Output (configurable)

l  Power limited

l  24VDC

l  Output current: 500mA in normal standby, 1200mA in alarm

l  Power Factor Rating: 0.35

l  Special application: Compatible devices are the Annunciator Model FW121 / FW121C /FW122W / FW122R / FW122CW / FW122CR and IO Module Model FW821.

l  CLASS B when powering annunciator models FW121 / FW121C /FW122W / FW122R / FW122CW / FW122CR

Relays Output

l   One programmable relay

l   4 non-programmable status relays

l   Status: Alarm, Supervisory, Trouble, Monitor

l   Form C Contact

l   Contact Rating: 2A 30VDC

l   Power Factor Ration:0.35

Notification Appliance Circuits

l   Total of 4 circuits supported, total power available 8A

l   2 Class A or 2 Class B circuits on each NOU

l   Maximum Current: 2A per NAC circuit

l   Alarm Voltage: 24V nominal

l   Bell code: Temporal 3

l   Panel supports one regulated 24 VDC NAC, or four specialapplication24VDC NAC. Refer to Table 20 for specific appliances/devices.

l   Max line loss: 1.8 V.

Network Circuit

l   Class B circuit

l   For up to 110 panels and/orremote annunciators connection

l   Communications protocol: CAN

l   Max. line capacitance = 0.05 uF

l   Max. line resistance = 25 Ohm

Addressable Loop Circuits

l   Maximum Current (short ): 0.4A

l   Class A/Class B circuit

l   252 addresses: detectors and modules max

l   Output voltage range: 20.2V ~ 26.2V

l   Maximum normal standby current: 100mA

l   Maximum alarm current: 220mA

l   Max. line capacitance = 0.1 uF

l   Max. line resistance = 10 Ohm

Board Assembly Diagram

The FW106S/FW106SC provides modular assemble style. Figure 2 and Figure 3 show the assembly diagram:

Figure 2 Assembly Diagram

Figure 3 Assembly Diagram (Inside)